Your Vacating.

Your leaving Us  😥


When preparing to vacate your property there are some things that need to be done. 

It is by legal requirement notice must be in writing please click the following:



This notice needs to be in handed into the office via a Notice of intention to leave (Form 13). This can be received via email or fax as long as all documentation is signed.


Please note that until this notice is received, you have not given our office official notice to vacate the premises and will still be held responsible for 14 days rent once the notice is received. No matter if the notice date is past the end of lease date. 


We also ask for the Refund of rental bond (Form 4) to be filled out and signed with forwarding address and bank account details, this allows a smoother transaction and the ease of getting your bond back quicker.


Please also find attached the “Help us help you, get 100% of your bond back” information sheet. Please take you time to familiarize yourself with this sheet as following this sheet is guaranteed to ensure safe return of your bond.


Have an awesome day