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Our Power Guarantees

Coral Sea Property Services

The Commitments We Give to You When Managing Your Property

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Let's be candid. Many real estate agents will promise you exceptional property management services. However, numerous investors find that the quality of service, accountability, and results rapidly diminish over time. While we can't alter the industry's broader tendencies, at Coral Sea Property Services, we make a firm commitment. We offer four tangible service guarantees to ensure that we consistently honour our promises, allowing you to be confident that you're receiving the highest level of service.

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If Your Tenant Won't Pay, We Will!

We’re so confident that we can find an A-grade tenant for your property, that in the event they won’t pay their rent, we will! You’ll have a stress-free experience knowing that your rent will keep coming in, even if your tenant defaults.

Conditions: Your property must be and remain covered by our recommended Landlords Protection Insurance.

If We Don't Return Your Call or Email Within 48 Hours, We Will Pay You $100!

Our promise is to communicate with you and keep you in the loop, so it’s our responsibility, not yours! We are so confident in our systems that we can consistently deliver on this promise that we’ll pay you $100 if we don’t.

If You Are Not 100% Delighted With Our Service, We'll Refund That Week's Management Fee

If at any time you’re not happy with our property rentals’ management service, we’ll refund that week’s management fee. To help us to improve our service, let us know what went wrong.

If You Need To Leave Us For Any Reason, We'll Make It As Easy As Possible

There are no “Lock-In” contracts, “Exit fees” or 30, 60, 90 day termination periods with us. If for any reason you need to leave us, we’ll return your file within 1 business day and help you transition to your next manager. No questions, no fine print, no issues.

We Manage It Like We Own It

Our guide for every decision we make on a daily basis is “What would I do if I owned this property?” It sounds a little corny, like a marketing slogan. But it is about operations, not marketing. It is on our wall so that WE see it and are reminded about what drives our success – not just so that our owners can see it. On a daily basis there are decisions that our team makes using our systems as guidance. Each decision is then checked against the question “Would I make the same decision if I owned this property?”

“Manage it like we own it” ensures that we always have your best interests at heart. It also allows us to avoid the trap that other property managers fall into, which is to make as few decisions as possible and force the owners to do the ‘managing’. You have chosen us to manage your properties – and our “manage it like we own it” guideline means that it is a role we enter completely into.
We make decisions, we enforce standards, and we are professional in our focus on results. “Manage it like you own it” is such a guiding principle that it is easy to back our words with our 100% Delighted Money Back Guarantee. If we don’t deliver you don’t pay.

We are on the 

Same Team


Great Tenants

  • ​Care for the property as if it were their own
  • ​Pay rent on time every time
  • ​Respect the property, the owner and the property management staff
  • ​Understand that the property will be periodically inspected

Great Owners

  • ​Trust us to manage their property as if it was our own
  • ​Respect tenants and their rights
  • ​Are prepared to maintain their property to the required standard within the timeframes promised to their tenants
  • ​Understand that good tenants are a major asset and should be treated well
  • ​Let us manage the tenants and don’t bypass the system by having direct communication with them

Great Properties

  • ​Have great owners
  • ​Have great tenants
  • ​Are well presented, maintained and loved
  • ​Are priced and promoted realistically, based on the prevailing market conditions
  • ​Are located in the geographic catchment area that we can focus on

Picking the Right Real Estate Property Manager Can Be Stressful

A real estate investment property is a major asset. It can generate significant income, or be the source of on-going expense and frustration. Picking the right property manager, someone you can trust, to manage your investment professionally, prudently and in your absolute best interests isn’t easy, but it is a critical step in your wealth creation plan.

 What to Expect for Coral Sea Property Services

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We believe we should be able to protect your investment and we will stand up for this belief. We’re accountable. We communicate. We manage your property like we own it.