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Exclusive Investor Assistance Program

Coral Sea Property Services


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Step into the future of property investment in Townsville with a service that sets us apart. Coral Sea Property Services proudly presents the Investor Assistance Program - a unique offering unmatched by any other agency in the region.

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Inspecting an investment property takes time! 

Navigating property investments doesn't have to be overwhelming. With the Investor Assistance Program from Coral Sea Property Services, you're no longer investing in the dark. We understand the intricacies and nuances that, if overlooked, can hinder your investment.

Our seasoned professionals bring to the table unparalleled insights into rental yields, an acute understanding of local tenant preferences, and extensive cross-market data. Let us remove the guesswork, ensuring you make informed decisions every step of the way.

Our Comprehensive Services Include:

  • Pre-Settlement Inspection Oversight: We'll confirm the property’s condition remains unchanged post-contract and spot any tasks needed to make the property tenant-ready, from landscaping to cleaning.
  • Presence During Building & Pest Inspection: We’ll be there on-site, allowing us to directly engage with building and pest inspectors, garnering immediate feedback and identifying further ways to enhance your rental yield.
  • Up to 5 Pre-Purchase Inspections: Ensure the property aligns with tenant preferences and pinpoint opportunities to enhance its desirability, potentially elevating your rental income.
  • Desktop Appraisals & Property Feedback: Gain insights into potential rental yields, understand more about the locality, and have a clear picture of the pros and cons related to the property's location.​

Why Prioritise Pre-Purchase Inspections?

Pre-purchase inspections are pivotal. They offer a comprehensive understanding of a property's attributes: its layout, vicinity amenities, neighborhood vibe, parking availability, and more. Such insights can highlight potential enhancements, optimizing rental returns. Without this crucial step, your investment might not be as informed or lucrative as you'd hope.

Complete Investor Assistance Package: $1,100 inc. GST (includes up to 5 inspections).

  • Comprehensive desktop appraisals and feedback.
  • ​Up to 5 pre-offer inspections.
  • ​Pre-settlement inspection attendance.
  • ​On-site building & pest inspection oversight.

Single Weekday Inspection

$165 inc. GST (available Mon-Fri, 9:30am – 5:00pm).

  • Comprehensive desktop appraisals and feedback.
  • ​Up to 1 Weekday pre-offer inspection.
  • ​Pre-settlement inspection attendance.
  • ​On-site building & pest inspection oversight.

Single Weekend Inspection

$275 inc. GST.

  • Comprehensive desktop appraisals and feedback.
  • ​Up to 1 Weekend pre-offer inspection.
  • ​Pre-settlement inspection attendance.
  • ​On-site building & pest inspection oversight.


Recent Wins


22 Kirrama Court, Bushland Beach
 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom property launched on the rental market in October. Leased to a family 5 days later on a multi year lease with annual rent increases. 


17 Eastlake Avenue, Idalia
4 Bedroom 2 Bathroom executive home. Rented 11 days after marketing started with a $60 per week rent increase.


123 Twelfth Avenue, Railway Estate
A charming character property listed in September and  7 days later achieving a street price record to quality tenants. 


Owner Information Hub

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Learn more about investing in property in Townsville, tips and tricks successful property investors use to maximise their rental income, and ways to ensure your tenancy is stress free and profitable. 

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How we are different

Fixed Cost Property Management

Say goodbye to profit-eating fees on your property… Say hello to Fixed Cost Property Management.

As an investment property owner, you understand the importance of cash flow and getting maximum return from your property. However, hidden fees, advertising fees, inspection fees, renewal fees, bond fees – all reduce your profit. On top of all those fees, your agent then holds your money for 30 days.
There is a better way to manage your real estate property in Townsville.

  • ​Money paid into your bank account weekly ...  so you can access your money faster.
  • No letting, renewal or advertising fees ... so you have consistent reliable cash flow.
  • ​4 Power Guarantees ... so you can be certain your investment property is being looked after.

Top-tier marketing to attract the best tenants 

When it comes to securing the best tenants, you need to present the best property. But if no one can see how great your home is, you will struggle to achieve the best lease terms to 'A-grade Tenants'.

Here is how we rent your property for more:

  • ​Professional photography package... we make your property stand out from the rest and captivate prospective tenants.  
  • Virtual tours ... lets face it, we are all busy these days. Our 360 degree virtual tours allow tenants to inspect your property 24/7.
  • ​24-hour application processing time ... when a great tenant applies we need to act quickly! We guarantee a fully completed application will be processed within 24 hours of being received. 

Proactive maintenance handling

We believe in preventing problems before they occur. That's why we've established a robust proactive maintenance system that not only ensures all tasks are comprehensively understood but also ensures that only genuine owner maintenance is undertaken. Here's what sets us apart:

  • Full Qualification of Jobs ... we meticulously vet every maintenance task, ensuring that the job is both necessary and beneficial. This means no unnecessary work and no surprise bills for property owners.
  • Trusted Tradespeople ... over the past two decades, we've built relationships with some of the finest tradespeople in the industry. Our partners consistently deliver work of exceptional quality, offering the best value for your investment.
  • Solutions-Oriented Approach ... when a maintenance issue arises, we don't just bring it to your attention. We bring solutions. With our vast experience and proactive mindset, we're always a step ahead, ensuring that potential problems are addressed swiftly, saving both time and money.

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