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Meet the Team

Regan Leatch - Principal / Business Owner

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Hi, I'm Regan, and while I've been fortunate to receive recognition in the real estate industry, what truly excites me is the ever-evolving world of property management. My enthusiasm for innovation, coupled with a dedication to achieving meaningful results, has led to both personal and business accolades.

I've had the privilege of delving deep into all aspects of property management, and I always strive for a considerate and insightful approach in every endeavor. This passion has led me to be a keynote speaker, where I've shared my insights and experiences with audiences across Australia and New Zealand.

Being a property investor myself, I've had the chance to hone my instincts, identifying promising ventures and building a robust portfolio along the way. This hands-on experience has granted me a genuine understanding of the challenges fellow investors face. With this knowledge, I've shaped my business to anticipate and address these very concerns. I'm truly excited about the future and the opportunity to continue learning and growing alongside my peers.

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Bianca Holden - Operations Manager

Bianca serves as the Operations Manager at Coral Sea Property Services, bringing her expertise to oversee open inspections, manage tenant inquiries, process applications, and conduct tenancy checks. Beyond these, she's instrumental in office administration, property marketing, and efficiently addressing tenant inquiries, ensuring properties are rented swiftly.

With a background in retail and hospitality, Bianca thrives in the dynamic world of property management, consistently rising to its challenges.

Outside the office, Bianca enjoys weekends filled with family, friends, and the occasional beach picnic. An admirer of Pandora rings, she always brings an element of style to her role.

Living by the motto, “If you’re early you’re on time and if you’re on time you’re late,” Bianca exemplifies dedication and punctuality in all she does.

Elijah Jones - Investor Support Specialist

Eli is our Investor Support Specialist at Coral Sea Property Management. He plays an essential role in helping new investors to rent their properties and seamlessly guiding those transitioning to the Coral Sea family. With a keen focus on conducting vacates, preparing entry condition reports, and managing trust accounting, Eli ensures that every investor feels supported and confident in their decisions.

Having secured his Certificate IV in Property Management Services, Eli's dedication to real estate is palpable. A former member of the Customer Service Support team at Yondo, he thrives amidst the vibrant challenges and opportunities at Coral Sea.

Dreaming of his next vacation in Japan or Italy, Eli values downtime, often shared with his partner or enjoyed at Ribs & Rumps on Palmer Street.

Living by the motto, “It’s always important to have a laugh,” Eli approaches his work with positivity and vigor.

Andrew McGill - Property Manager

Andrew McGill’s journey in the world of property is both extensive and unique. As a pivotal member of the Coral Sea Property Services team, he brings to the table a blend of business acumen and deep knowledge of property law. His MBA, coupled with a Masters in conflict management and resolution from James Cook University, not only underscores his academic achievements but also offers a glimpse into his analytical and problem-solving prowess.

In Townsville, where the real estate landscape is as diverse as it is dynamic, Andrew has taken the helm of managing various property portfolios. His primary focus remains on maximising his clients returns, but what sets him apart is his meticulous approach to maintaining and strengthening relationships. Each transaction, for Andrew, isn’t just a deal; it’s an opportunity to provide clarity, assurance, and a seamless experience.

Beyond the intricacies of property and real estate, Andrew is a man of many passions. He's an avid motorbike enthusiast, often found exploring the scenic routes of Northern Queensland on weekends. His love for vehicles doesn't stop there; he's immensely proud of his Mini Cooper, which, according to him, has a personality of its own. Back in the office, while his expertise is unparalleled, it's his banter that truly sets him apart. His colleagues often vouch for him having the best sense of humor, making even the most stressful days a bit lighter and more enjoyable. 

Natalie Gallagar - Property Manager

Natalie Gallagher - Property Manager

Natalie is a dedicated member of the Coral Sea Property Services team, bringing her seasoned expertise from a rich background in retail and hospitality management. Her pivot to property management was driven by her innate passion to assist individuals, be it in finding their dream homes, handling maintenance concerns, or addressing any other residential matters. For Natalie, every interaction is an opportunity to meet someone new and make a difference.

Family stands as the core of Natalie's world. Outside of her professional sphere, she immerses herself in treasured moments with loved ones, creating lasting memories and truly living every moment. A wanderlust at heart, Natalie aspires to embark on adventures across the southern states of the USA, dreaming of the rodeos and the country music that await.

With her guiding principle, "Time is precious, waste it wisely," Natalie approaches every task and relationship with intention and vigor, making her an invaluable asset to our team and the clients she serves.

Our Sales Team

This Could Be You

At Coral Sea Property Management, our people are the cornerstone of our success. We believe in the power of dynamic leadership and are always eager to connect with industry trailblazers. If you resonate with our values and see yourself as a leader in the field, we invite you to engage with us. Reach out for a 100% confidential discussion and explore the potential of joining our exceptional team.

Fit Malau-Aduli - Sales Agent

Our Support Team

Property Management Support Team


Ferlyne Alegrado 
Executive Assistant to Regan Leatch

Ferlyne is an indispensable part of the Coral Sea Property Services team, having dedicated nearly four years in service as the Executive Assistant to Regan Leatch. With a multifaceted background spanning customer service, chat support, and teaching, she brings a rich tapestry of experiences that enhances her role and the value she provides to the team.

Outside the structured confines of her professional life, Ferlyne is an explorer at heart. Whether she's journeying to new destinations or simply enjoying the company of her two beloved dogs, she cherishes every moment of relaxation and recreation.

Guided by the philosophy, "Embrace every decision, for they shape the path to understanding," Ferlyne navigates her roles and responsibilities with intent and insight, consistently aiming for growth, understanding, and the betterment of both herself and those she assists.


Anna Mansala

Anna is a cornerstone of the Coral Sea Property Services team, infusing her seasoned customer service expertise into every interaction for nearly three years. Her dedication is palpable, and her enthusiasm for her role shines through in every task she undertakes.

Beyond her desk, Anna revels in the simple pleasures of life, cherishing intimate moments with her family and finding solace in the warmth of a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Her affection for her loved ones and appreciation for life's little joys are evident in the care she extends to our clients and team members alike.

With dreams of wandering the romantic streets of Paris, Anna has an adventurer's spirit, always yearning to explore and experience the world's wonders.

Guided by the principle, "A person who is kind benefits themself, but a cruel person hurts themself," Anna consistently approaches situations with kindness and compassion, recognizing the intrinsic value of empathy in both her professional and personal journey


Jenelyn Depante 

Jenelyn is an integral part of the Coral Sea Property Services team, contributing over a year and a half of unparalleled dedication and commitment. With a foundation in customer service, she seamlessly transitioned into our fold, continuously expressing her genuine love for her role and the positive impact she brings to our clients.

Beyond the confines of her professional duties, Jenelyn is a devoted mother, cherishing every moment she gets to spend with her adorable 3-year-old daughter. Their bonding moments and shared laughter are testament to her unwavering commitment as a family enthusiast.

Adventurous at heart, Jenelyn dreams of a mesmerizing experience under the Aurora Borealis, with chasing the Northern Lights firmly placed on her bucket list.

Living by the motto, "Shoot for the moon, and even if you fall, you will land among the stars," Jenelyn consistently aims for excellence. This philosophy is evident in her tireless pursuit of excellence in both her career and personal aspirations, always reaching skyward.


Michelle Paciencia


Ashley Yap

Ashley is our ace at Coral Sea Property Services when it comes to marketing and social media. With a Communication degree in her pocket and real-world experience, she's great at getting our message out there in cool and relatable ways.

On a personal note, she's got a travel wishlist that includes more local spots and some must-visit places in South East Asia. Each journey for her is all about adding new experiences.

Her personal mantra? Live in the moment and learn from it. No time for regrets. And that's exactly how she handles her work too – always proactive and eager to grow.

Picking the Right Real Estate Property Manager Can Be Stressful

A real estate investment property is a major asset. It can generate significant income, or be the source of on-going expense and frustration. Picking the right property manager, someone you can trust, to manage your investment professionally, prudently and in your absolute best interests isn’t easy, but it is a critical step in your wealth creation plan.

 What to Expect for Coral Sea Property Services

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